21 May 2016

On sale for $69.00

The Stool X30 is attractive, functional, durable, eco friendly and 100% made in the USA! This sturdy sitting stool arrives partially assembled at your home needing only a final touch to be ready for use! Conceived by the Brazilian designer Ignacio Santos, the Stool X30 is crafted from Eco Friendly Premium Yellow Pine wood from Alabama, stainless steel and built to last a life time if well taken care of. The Stool X30 is tall and wide which makes it perfect for gardening, creating extra sits spots during the weekend barbecue or to simply rock the guitar with your friends. You can also use it indoors to sit in your closet, in the kitchen to reach those top shelfs and for the kids in the bathroom to brush their teeth! Such a fun and useful piece of furniture! This heavy duty and practical stool is made from real solid wood so there are a few natural knots on it that give it a great rustic charm! But for those who rather one with no knots we have the Selection model which is handmade with specially selected pieces of wood with no knots on them! The Stool X30 unfinished is ideal for those who want a more economic option and like to stain their furniture to match other pieces they already own or their decks. But we advise to always stain or coat your unfinished stool to avoid it to be damaged by the weather. Make sure to choose a stain or paint that has protection against humidity and UV rays to increase the stool durability. All our products are packaged in recyclable double walled boxes with reinforced corners to ensure a safe transportation. We don’t use any kind of extra packaging to avoid waste and the use of non-recyclable products. If you love design, care about the environment, and like practical products, look no further, GloDea’s Stool X30 is perfect for you!

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